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Does your wedding represent you?

Are you thinking of getting married somewhere different? A wedding abroad, also known as a destination wedding can be the right choice for you.

Estonia is one of those locations that looks great in pictures and it has everything you need. Starting from the rural and rustic wedding locations to modern 5-star hotel experiences, Estonia is able to cater to every wedding couple’s needs.

A little bit about Estonia...

No doubt that the most popular time to get married in Estonia is during or warm and bright summer months – especially in July or August. Most wanted weekdays are obviously Friday & Saturdays. These are the most popular times but is this the only time you could have your special day? We would challenge this!

When you have lived in Estonia you know that you can never be sure what the weather will be tomorrow – not even how it will be in few hours. Are you ready to take that risk for your big day – hope that karma treats you well and serves you with amazing weather? Are you 100% sure that you would be also happy in case you need to use plan B in case of bad weather? Sometimes July can surprise you with cold winds & low degrees as we would have in October – so definitely marrying outdoors during Estonian summer is not a “safe bet ” in any way. 

Of course when you do plan your special day outside and the weather man is nice you will definitely have an amazing day when you can enjoy beautiful Estonian nature and long & warm nights. 

Most certainly we are not telling not to get married during summer, but rather to set your expectations & maybe think about alternative times during the year (that also could be more special for you) when planning your big day.

We would say we are lucky to have four seasons and also with these you can choose the time which clicks with you – when did you first meet? When did you get engaged? Maybe you love snowy white winter time? You enjoy early September with its colorful nature and darker nights? We have it all! You can choose the season you relate most with & that is why we also believe that not only summer is the “the one” time you should get married.
Each season brings their own colors, styles & venues and as mentioned earlier-there is a wide selection of places. These vary from city center luxury hotels & restaurants to romantic manors near Tallinn or anywhere around Estonia. Do you rather seek for comfort and luxury or maybe dream of a barn wedding with hay bales as chairs ? (We will talk about different opportunities in more detail in our next posts )

So why should you get married in Estonia?

A destination wedding
- when you want

Not everyone needs to get married on a Friday in July – it can be Tuesday in November and you could still make it the best day of your lives and most memorable wedding anyone has ever went to.

Our wonderful four seasons

Because of our four season & huge variety of venues & different cities / nature that allows you to have you special day that reflects what kind of couple you are, make it truly yours & unique.

Professional services

We’ll help you from beginning until the end with everything we can give. You won’t be alone and will have professional services in all of the aspects of the wedding – starting from the travel management up until the last pedal on your wedding bouquet.

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