Our Wedding Design

A wedding is an occasion that should be fully catered to you and your partner. It is a memory that both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives. From that special moment that you say the words “I do” we bet that you have been gathering ideas for your special day. This is where we come in. Our wedding planning will help you gather all those ideas together into one mesmerising event. As most couples gather ideas they will start to become overwhelmed by the different styles that are available. Our general rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule – 80% classic and 20% trendy. We have found that using classic wedding colour schemes and accenting it with the latest trends makes the wedding really pop without becoming overwhelming. However it is important not to get lost in al the trend flashes that may not reflect who you are as a couple.  Leave the gathering of all the options and coolest trends to us and let us get to know you better and then provide you with our ideas & input to make it more “like you” rather than just some beautiful pictures from the internet.

Okay so moving forward from the overall concept to the design part we have a bit different split there and that is an 80/15/5. So let us give you an example what we mean by that in the the next paragraph.

We love to layer texture, shapes & different tones. So how does this work? Let’s take an example of having a summer wedding outside by the sea- so the whole design would be inspired by the natural details, materials and colours. First we pick our foundation colour- everything else will be built on that. This is 80% of what people will visually see & usually this is a neutral colour. So in this case let’s say we start with white table. Then we would pick 1-2 principle colours and that is 15% people will see visually. For this example we would pick orange & blue. Now we would use only different tones from these colours and not mixing with any other. But we could then add wooden chairs with white covers, maybe wooden charging plates with white serving plates, light orange heavy water glasses, florals with white, dark & creamy flowers and maybe a blue table runner across the table.

Now the final 5% visible for the eye would come from accent colour that is the final gesture and splash and for that we usually use different metals- it can be just metallic gold cutlery / vases/ candle holders or we also like mixture of different metals. So the end result would look something like this:

So to sum up our wedding design then for us the most important thing is to get to know you and we do also have some questions prepared to help with that so just ping us and we will send you more info. After that we will find a location that works best with your input & then we will work on the design as you read above. Also don’t get hesitant with our structural numbers- it is not set in stone it is just to give you an insight what is going on in our heads and how we usually work. Can’t wait to get to know you & talk about design!

Anett & Christina